We had a problem to solve. Easy payments anywhere for Chinese tourists.

That’s why we decided to create the China Tourist Card. It allows Chinese tourist to pay virtually anywhere in Europe where credit card payments are accepted. No more hassle finding Union Pay compatible ATMs or worrying about not be able to pay for something because they can't accept your payment method.

Meet the CTC38 Credit Card. Try it for yourself.

CTC38 card is the most accepted card in Europe. You will be able to pay at all stores in local currency and withdraw funds at all ATM in Europe. No foreign exchange suprises when you get home. The card is provided with a unique PIN code. Funding of the card can be easily and safely done via www.ctc38.com or the CTC38 App. The CTC38 card is being supported by Chinese speaking helpdesk agents who will support you 24-7. In case of missing card, the orginal card will be blocked immediately and will be replaced with a new card delivered to your hotel.

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